Carbon Cap

Carbon Cap Inc. is a clean technology company whose innovative, mechanical solutions have the ability to maximize the heating and cooling efficiency in multi-residential and other buildings.

A retrofit solution that supports

your buildings journey to net zero

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2020 Carbon Emissions

0 Millon tonnes
Toronto GTHA (44% from buildings)
0 Millon tonnes
New York City (70% from buildings)
Toronto Stat Source
New York City Stat Source


FGR (flue gas recovery) is a mechanical, waste energy recovery system that can be retrofitted to work alongside any commercial boiler, makeup air ventilation, or air conditioning system regardless of its age, size or efficacy.

Value Proposition Statement

The flue gas recovery is a highly innovative, economical, easily retrofitted system that helps lower a buildings natural gas consumption by 15-25%. 



“The project created amazing synergies at our Energy & Power Innovation Centre.” – Paul Armstrong Chief Operating Officer.


“Our review of initial trial results left a favourable impression with respect to the future of the technology.” – Tim Stoate VP, Impact Investing.

“Carbon Cap has developed a great retrofit option for boilers!” – Andrew Mader, Sales Director.

“We are excited to support Carbon Caps clean tech initiative”- Pam Banks, Executive Director.