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An innovative and economical way for buildings to lower their natural gas consumption.

Carbon Cap Inc. is a Canadian based clean technology company whose proprietary, mechanical solution helps maximize the heating and cooling efficiency in multi-residential and other buildings. Through ongoing collaborations with strategic partners Carbon Cap remains focused on accelerating the scalability of its system.

We have discovered an opportunity to provide the marketplace with an innovative and economical way for buildings to lower their natural gas consumption.

The Carbon Cap system provides buildings with greater efficiency, which means lower utility consumption, less carbon tax, increased asset valuations, and better LEED’s ratings. This also creates a more sustainable and comfortable living environment for the building occupants. Exciting career pathways are growing at Carbon Cap as its innovation continues to position itself as a leader in advanced clean-tech mechanical designs. Helping the global community reach its net-zero goals is an amazing journey we look forward to each day.

Mission and Values

Value Statement

Carbon Cap is committed to being a part of climate change by providing superior long-term natural gas reduction for our valued customers.

Mission Statement

Carbon Caps mission is to provide clean technology, to make a contribution to climate change in a way that enforces sustainability while offering economic incentives.


Building better mechanical systems requires innovative thinking. Carbon Caps proprietary technology delivers impactful solutions that help our clients realize their operational goals,

Timeline of Development

Timeline of Development